Rider: Becky, Eventing

Horse: Freddie, Irish gelding 16hand, 12 year old.

Why did you seek help from Rezone Coaching?

Myself and Freddie competed at BE100 for the second half of the 2016 season. It started off OK, but our dressage scores left us a long way down the scoreboard. I would feel very wound up a day or two before competition, then on competition day I would forget things like my dressage test, boots for Freddie and my number. I decided to have sessions with Helen to help me relax and focus after attending one of Helen’s talks and hearing how Helen had helped other riders overcome similar challenges.

What kind of sessions did you have?

Clinic – in person

Where were the goals you set to achieve from the sessions?

To help me relax and focus more effectively, so I could improve my dressage scores and overall performance at competitions.

How did Helen help?

Helen gave me tailored relaxation techniques, to help me reduce stress ahead of competition and on the day itself, which I could use on the ground and in the saddle. She also helped me overcome the worry about what others think and to manage the pressure of the competition environment. She gave me techniques to help me build self-belief and enable me to focus on what I could control at events. Helen also helped me design a structured competition plan to help me feel more in control, enabling me to reduce my stress level at competitions.

Becky on the results

I now feel much less stressed before and during competitions, meaning I can enjoy myself more. As a result of sessions with Helen, I have consistently remembered all my dressage tests and feel more able to concentrate. If something doesn’t go particularly well, it doesn’t feel like the end of the world any more. Our dressage dramatically improved after seeing Helen, I’m sure because I was much calmer and more confident in what I was doing. The first test after seeing Helen nearly had me in tears because I was so astonished at how well it went, how happy Freddie looked and felt, and how amazing our partnership felt. Totally different to two weeks before! It is great knowing I have the support of Helen behind me. No matter how silly my thoughts may seem, Helen takes me seriously and comes up with great, simple ideas to combat them. As a result of working with Helen, we have improved our competition results, coming 2nd at Aldon International, 5th at Aston Le Walls and 2nd at a riding club dressage qualifier. I am really looking forward to working more with Helen, especially as we step up to Novice.