Photo credit: BLM Photography

Photo credit: BLM Photography

Rider: Karen, Dressage and Showjumping

Horse: Bea IDXTB 16.1, dark bay mare nine years old. Bred by Karen.

What made you make contact with Rezone Coaching?

I am an experienced rider and I had been struggling to overcome nerves and anxiety when jumping and riding dressage tests at competition. My horse can be reactive and spooky which had resulted in a negative cycle of nerves and anxiety for both myself and my horse. I decided to have a session with Helen to help me relax and build confidence so I could get more enjoyment from riding and competing my horse.

Session Type?


What were the goals you set for the sessions?

To help me relax and focus more positively so I could improve my dressage scores and overall performance at competitions, as well as jump more confidently.

How did Helen help?

Helen gave me tailored relaxation techniques to help me reduce stress riding at home, in training and at competition, which I could use on the ground and in the saddle. To help me build positive focus, Helen gave me a simple framework to help me manage being outside my comfort zone, so I stretched myself just enough to build confidence without feeling fearful. Helen also recommended a specific catchphrase to help me focus on riding more positively and confidently.

I’ve been out twice now and competed unaffiliated dressage, one outdoors and one indoor, with same warm up. My horse didn’t bat an eye at the other horses, even trotting and cantering past her. I rode positively and my stress levels were much lower than before my session with Helen. At the second competition we won the Prelim and came 3rd in the Novice beaten by half a mark!!! I’ve also been out in the back field and jumped 85cm without fuss. Just a few weeks ago 50cm made me feel sick!!
I can’t believe the difference in me and how positive my riding is and how much more confident I feel. Thus passing this on to my horse, whose behaviour has completely changed! She’s chilled and seems to be enjoying herself too! From the bottom of my heart, sincerely thank you to Helen.