Transform Pressure To Power: 8 Mindset Strategies To Achieve Eventing Success


Transform Pressure to Power™ reveals eight key mindset strategies that are essential for success in Eventing. This book is the first of its kind to be written specifically for event riders. Each of the strategies has been adapted to the exact requirements of equestrian sport and has been written with the busy event rider in mind. You’ll discover Helen’s innovative methods and the exact tools you need to improve your performance and ultimately achieve greater success. As the only Equestrian Performance Coach using the Transform Pressure to Power™ method, Helen Davies is committed to enabling riders of all ages and skill levels to learn the techniques and mindset needed for success in Eventing. Helen combines her skills and experience to help riders strengthen their mental game so they improve their performance and competition results. She strives to unlock every rider’s performance potential so they can perform at their very best and achieve the results they want.