rider story - Christa Dillon


 What were the challenges/problems you wanted Helen's help with? 
Competitive nerves and overall confidence

How did Helen help?    
Helen talked with me at length about my issues and then made a long term plan going forward. She made me feel comfortable from the start with her kind, sympathetic and personable manner. Working through the exercises and techniques set for me by Helen is something I continue to do, and reap the benefits of.

What were the most useful techniques/tools that you learnt?   
Visualisation, a relaxation meditation and a mantra. Also tips on the right foods to eat.

How did sessions with Helen help/benefit you?   
I was able to more readily control my nerves, feel calmer overall, be more objective at every stage and manage myself in a positive way.

What did you achieve as a result of working with Helen?  
I am now far less concerned about the things that were previously a hang up for me. I am more relaxed at every stage and competing is more of a normal thing for me now, instead of a huge ordeal. I suffer far less with post competitive migraines and if things go wrong, Iā€™m quick to learn from it and then put it away.

What would you say to a rider thinking about working with Helen?     
Absolutely do it. I have advised loads of people to go to Helen. I have worked with other sports psychologists, but Helen is by far the best in every regard.