Imagine going into each event phase calm, focused and confident. Your every move during dressage is precise and fluid. You clear jumps with confidence and control. 

Each success spurs you on to try harder. Your competition scores improve, and your ambitions grow. It’s the vision you don’t want to lose sight of. Because you know how happy achieving and surpassing your personal bests will make you feel. 

But while you train with the intention to get better, the worry or the pressure to do well during every phase of the competition sabotages your efforts. You’re finding your goals to be less and less attainable. You might have even considered giving up. 

Work with me, and that thought will never cross your mind again. You don’t have to be a nervous rider anymore, nor should you feel overwhelmed by stress. 

With a personalised Rider Psychology programme, controlling your emotions and overcoming your fears, concerns and doubts is possible. This is how you can reach all your eventing goals and unlock your potential to surpass them.