What were the challenges/problems you wanted Helen's help with?

I had been thrown off my new horse and the fall had shattered my confidence. I had replaced the horse with a gypsy cob pony to re-gain my nerve,  but I was struggling with fear and self-doubt because the fall remained ever present in my mind every time I got on. I wanted to overcome my fear and regain my confidence and the fun of riding.

How did Helen help? 
My sessions with Helen helped me to overcome the fear that the fall had instilled in me. The Skype sessions and exercises I practiced, outside these sessions, helped me to let go of the memory of the fall so that I stopped reliving it each time I rode my pony. After working through the trauma caused by the fall, Helen also helped me to develop my confidence at competitions. Together all this work with Helen has helped me to believe in myself and my pony and to have the confidence to really love riding again.

What were the most useful techniques/tools that you learnt? 
The on and off horse relaxation techniques and affirmation exercise are wonderful and helpful to stabilise my nerves and focus my thinking. The planning techniques for competition days have given me the tools I need to improve my mind set and be more confident and able to focus on my tests.

How did sessions with Helen help/benefit you? 
My sessions with Helen have restored my confidence and sense of fun in the saddle and have given me an amazing resource of tools to apply to the new challenges that arise.

What did you achieve as a result of working with Helen? 
I have been able to train my new pony with confidence, overcome competition stress and nerves and even take home a few ribbons.

What would you say to a rider thinking about working with Helen? 
Book your session now! Helen is a wonderful, compassionate listener and a skilled professional who will help you pin point your issues and give you a suite of tools to improve your mindset. This will result in real positive outcomes for your riding and your relationship with your horse.