Horse: Astra, Mare.


Maxine is a keen eventer and contacted Helen to get help with her mindset to help her step up to Novice and aim for her first CCI*. Nerves had suddenly started becoming a big issue. Maxine had been struggling with nerves since a bad fall two years previously, which resulted in extensive surgery to repair her knee.

What session types did you use?


What goals did you set through having the sessions?

To help me relax and focus more positively so I could ride more confidently and positively at events.

How did Helen help?

Helen gave me tailored relaxation techniques to help me reduce stress prior to competition and at events, which I could use on the ground and in the saddle. She helped me build positive focus, and reviewed my mental strategy and made two simple changes to help me remain focused, so I could remember my dressage test and XC course. Helen also recommended specific catchphrases to help me focus on riding more positively and confidently.

What were the results?

I contacted Helen this year as stepping up to Novice and aiming for my first CCI* my nerves suddenly started becoming a big issue. I have always suffered with nerves since a bad fall a couple of years ago, which resulted in extensive surgery to repair my knee!
However now jumping bigger fences my nerves were causing me to forget my dressage tests, go wrong xc and starting to feel physically sick warming up for SJ! Since my session with Helen I’ve gone from going wrong at every event this year in my dressage and racking up huge time penalties for getting lost on the XC, to finishing in the top 10 at my last event with no mistakes.
My nerves feel under control and I am able to concentrate on riding to my best ability not worrying about how nervous I feel.