Dressage is a window into the connection between you and your horse. It is the ballet of equestrian sports; movements must flow effortlessly from one graceful step to another.

But when you’re experiencing nerves or stress, it’s easy to lose your confidence and with it, your cadence. 

You’re more likely to make mistakes or send mixed signals to your horse. And a faltering move or a tense transition can leave you with low scores and a heavy heart.

It can be overwhelmingly frustrating when you’ve practised so hard. There’s a special buzz that comes with achieving excellent scores. And when you don’t experience this despite your best efforts, your confidence and motivation can take a serious knock. 

But realising your full potential as a skilled dressage rider is possible. 

You are capable of a flawless performance. 

Through a personalised Rider Psychology programme, you will regain control of your emotions to overcome competition nerves. This will help you improve your riding and reactions during a test and achieve the results you’ve worked so hard for.