RIDER STORY - Anna flynn


Rider: Anna, Eventing

Horse: Rosie, 15.2hh 8 year old, Connemara xTB. Owned by Anna for 1 year, their first season eventing together.

Why did you seek help from Rezone Coaching?

I had a horrible fall showjumping where Rosie fell and I was stood on at an event halfway through the 2016 season. I ended up retiring at the next two events because my confidence had been badly knocked. In addition to working with my trainer to help rebuild my showjumping confidence, I decided to seek help from Helen to regain control of my mindset and overcome my nerves. I was letting my nerves take over and completely over riding fences when I didn’t need to and completely putting Rosie off. She is a careful jumper with a short stride so likes to get in a bit deeper to a fence and then jump it carefully, not be fired into it on a ‘long one’

What session types did you have?

FaceTime (video call)

What were you goals with the sessions?

To help me overcome my nerves and rebuild my confidence showjumping following the fall.

How did Helen help?

It became clear that the memory of the fall was one of the key triggers for me feeling nervous, so Helen guided me through an exercise to remove this trigger, so that although I could still remember what happened, it no longer triggered nerves. Then Helen gave me a series of tailored relaxation and visualisation techniques to help me consistently reduce and control nerves, so I could rebuild my confidence. Helen and I also discussed a number of catchphrases to help me focus positively on what I wanted and what I could control in the showjumping ring to help me overcome negative thinking. The breathing techniques also really help focus the mind and settle the nerves. This combination of techniques enabled me to regain control of my mindset, develop positive focus and build confidence.

Anna on the results

Not only did Helen help me regain my confidence showjumping after a nasty fall but she helped me to finish the 2016 season with a top 10 placing. We’ve since been out showjumping and every single show this winter I have come home with a rosette! I use the visualization and breathing techniques all of the time, when riding at home and at shows. It’s given me the confidence to step up to 100 classes and on our first attempt at stepping up at an arena event over the winter we were placed 3rd. I am so pleased that I had the sessions with Helen because even if I hadn’t had a fall, it’s massively helped my riding. Anna also won two out of her 3 BSJA showjumping classes at British Novice and Discovery level, winning and qualifying for the Blue Chip Discovery Winter Championships.