What is Rider Psychology?

You’ll often hear me use the term ‘mindset’ when discussing Rider Psychology. 

It’s a quick way to refer to your beliefs and assumptions that are making you worry about riding. The negativity that sometimes manifest into competition nerves, anxiety, stress, or a lack of confidence.

Through Rider Psychology, you will adopt different strategies designed to help you:

●    Overcome pre-competition anxiety, nerves and stress
●    Be confident in your abilities
●    Control your emotions to consistently ride at your best
●    Improve your performance at competitions 

You’ll vanquish your doubts and fears and reconnect with your love for riding and competing and your goals that once seemed so far away will become attainable. 

Rider Psychology works irrespective of your riding level, or how often you compete. It has less to do with ability and more to do with transforming your negative thoughts into positive action. 

How Can it Help Me? 

Do you often think about all the wonderful things you’d achieve if you weren’t a nervous rider or didn’t have pre-competition stress? 

Getting to that point feels like an impossible task on your own. You can’t get past the fear or pressure, and the effort leaves you feeling frustrated and alone. 

It’s not your fault. You simply lack the necessary tools to change your mindset. You also don’t have someone qualified to teach you how to use those tools.

At Rezone, Rider Psychology is effective because it combines those two essential factors. Whether you worry about what the ‘what ifs?’, doubt your abilities, or put yourself under pressure to consistently ride at your best, Helen will equip you with everything you need to:

●    Build self-belief so you can ride and compete more confidently
●    Be more resilient, enabling you to bounce back from setbacks with ease
●    Control your emotions so you can be calmer under pressure and ride to the best of your ability
●    Reject negative thoughts and replace them with positive focus for riding and achieving your goals 

How Does it Work? 

We’ll work on improving your rider mindset through sessions away from the horse that focus purely on you. Why? 

Rider Psychology works better when you’re off the saddle. We want you to feel calm and focused during your session. You need clarity and space in your mind to grasp new techniques and different points of view. 

The blend of sports psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques that is used is highly effective and designed to get results fast. You can practice what you learn between sessions to consolidate your new coping strategies. 

I have worked with riders across the UK and globally in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. 80% of my clients have their sessions via a video or phone call using FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or phone.

Will it Really Make a Difference to Me? 

During our initial consultation, we will decide whether Rider Psychology is the right course of action for you. This will be based on your needs and expectations to ensure you can succeed in your goals through working with me. 

I will never say “probably” or “maybe.” I have supported over 400 riders, some on a short term basis and some as part of their day to day teams and I know exactly what works and what doesn’t. If I believe Rider Psychology can help you, it will. 

So far, the success my clients have experienced through Rider Psychology has been a joy to witness.

Take Becky, for instance. Competing was incredibly important to her, but it was during BE100 where she noticed her dressage scores were a long way down the scoreboard. 

The stress of not fulfilling her potential as a rider was overwhelming, and this manifested into anxiety, which drastically affected her overall performance. 

She felt lost, but after attending one of my talks and hearing about how I have helped riders overcome similar challenges, she decided to try Rider Psychology sessions. 

The relaxation techniques I equipped Becky with resulted in a huge reduction of her pre-competition anxiety. She discovered how to rationalise her worries and manage pressure from the competition environment. 

I also helped Becky design a structured competition plan. This enabled her feel more in control, reducing her stress both on and off the saddle. 

Positive thinking was the catalyst that rebuilt her confidence. And this change spurred her into positive action, enabling Becky to get past her competition stress and nerves to be a success in the arena. 

Want to Learn More? 

Gain unlimited access to Rider Psychology knowledge, theories and resources today by contacting me to book an initial consultation.

You can also read my book, ‘Transform Pressure to Power’, for eight mindset strategies that will help you achieve your goals.