You don’t have to compete professionally to benefit from rider psychology. Perhaps what you enjoy most is competing for fun at Riding Club or at an unaffiliated level.

But nerves or stress is taking you away from the thrill of the moment, impacting your ability to focus as soon as you mount your horse. And this is manifesting into a poor performance that makes you feel exasperated. Especially after you’ve been practising hard and investing in lessons. When your efforts aren’t being reflected in your performance during competitions, it’s easy to feel dispirited.If this sounds familiar, what you’re going through is a vicious cycle of negativity that’s tough to halt on your own. But when you work with me, taking back the reins of your emotions is much easier. 

Through personalised Rider Psychology sessions, you’ll gain the confidence, skills and techniques needed to overcome any challenges you face. And by regaining control over how you feel in the saddle, you’ll fall love with riding again.