Showjumping is an athletic display of the trust, love, skill and courage this equestrian discipline demands. 

Communicating with your horse using confidence and assurance. Having faith in your own abilities. Being a courageous and patient rider. This is what’s required to achieve a clear round. But with so many pressures in the arena, being focused and composed during a competition can be a big challenge. Difficult jumps test your ability, and big crowds can be daunting.

And when you’re feeling nervous because of fear or overwhelmed because of the pressure to do well, the likelihood of poles down and refusals increases. Your showjumping scores might have already taken a hit because of your struggles. Perhaps you’re starting to wonder if it’s even possible to feel confident or calm again in the arena. 

This is what a personalised Rider Psychology programme will help you achieve. You’ll learn how to filter out your negative thoughts while competing. And by renewing your positivity you’ll be able to jump each fence accurately with unbroken rhythm and flow. 

Discover how to soothe your competition nerves and release tension so you can think and ride more positively. Your results will soon be as impressive as the jumps you conquer.